Last Minute Kitchen Gifts These are a MUST

December 18, 2017 Nicole Storm

Be the Christmas Hero for Kitchen Lovers. 

Have you waited until the last minute to buy a present for someone in your life? If they love cooking and the kitchen these two ideas are killer.

  1. A cookbook!

I know I know, everything is online now, but if your chef is struggling for inspiration a new cookbook is just the thing. My recommendation is the Vedge or V-Street cook book. You can purchase them at Barnes and Noble. Vegan and Vegetarianism is becoming huge. These cookbooks will amaze your chef with the thing he/she can do with veggies!


  1. An amazing grater/zester.

Let’s be serious no one wants to serve their dishes with a little lemon zest plus some skin from scraping their knuckles against the grater. This grater was on of the best gifts I was given. Your chef will love this! Coarse and Fine Twist Grater

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