Thank You for an Amazing Year One

January 05, 2018 Nicole Storm

 Happy New Year!!!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me and my business. Those who ordered, commented on the blogs, liked and commented on posts, encouraging messages… you all mean so much to me.

Upon starting this business, I honestly did not have any crazy expectations. I thought I would prep for people and that would be that. I never thought of myself as the entrepreneur type, I assumed this would be a fun extra thing to do. As Taste buds began I realized the passion I had for nutrition and cooking. Furthermore, my passion for teaching people about their food and how to eat healthy, but DELICIOUS!

I have had so many amazing opportunities to help educate and be educated. This year has exceeded all expectations. I prepped for 50 different clients, held a meal prep class, participated in events with lulu lemon, lifetime athletics, and the SOUL to name a few. Additionally, I had a healthy eating and meal prep class in conjunctions with SWEAT ON with parents and kids at the Boys and Girls Club in Camden. I have absolutely LOVED all the opportunities that I have been given and created.

So, thank you, yes you, who is reading this. Thank you for your support and continued encouragement. I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store for us.


Eat Clean. Live Full.



Comment below what things you want to see more of this year. Workouts, recipes, new menus, portion options?

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